Prof. Beyene Petros Interview 1

Ethiopia: Institutionalized Change – What Matters Most–Prof. Beyene Petros

Prof. Beyene Petros was recently interviewed by The Ethiopian Herald.

The Ethiopian Herald: Thanks a lot for taking your time for this interview.
Prof. Beyene Petros: It is my pleasure.
Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: I’m Prof. Beyene Petros, Deputy Chairperson of Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (MEDREK) party. I’m also serving as External Relations Officer of MEDREK. Besides, I chair my Basic organization called the Ethiopian Social Democratic Party, a member of MEDREK.
Q: Let’s get straight to our discussion. Who do you think has played major roles for the current wind of change?
A: Well, I would just say that the Ethiopian people have played active roles in putting heavy pressure on the ruling, EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front). Opposition parties as well have been exerting pressure on the ruling party and [the] government on all accounts and fundamental issues …. Read the entire interview by going to the article on Ethiopian Harald’s website.


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