Open Letter to US Embassy Addis Ababa 19-Mar-18

The Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek)

19 March,2018                                                       



USA Embassy

Addis Ababa



Dear Sir/Madam,


Medrek has been witnessing incredulous official statements made by high-ranking US political leadership about EPRDF government in Ethiopia. When President Obama visited Ethiopia, he graced EPRDF by his unfortunate statement that “the government in Ethiopia is democratically elected”. We were then wondering whether this was a result of poor briefing by his diplomatic representation in Ethiopia. This unfortunate statement was made despite the fact that elections in Ethiopia are communist style, whereby “…the people vote, but the EPRDF cadres count the votes”. The proof for this is the fact that Ethiopia has a ‘parliament’ packed with 100% EPRDF cadres.  If this truth had been competently briefed to the US President, this reality of Ethiopian politics cannot be lost on him! That unwittingly false recognition was a good godsend omen which EPRDFites would not have desired of anything better in their dreams! And, ever since then, they have been basking on it until the time came when they faced the stark reality of millions marching in defiance, calling for change of government.


We once again experienced a feeling of Deja vu with ex-Secretary State Rex Tillerson’s statement about the “…peaceful transition/transfer of power, etc.”, as a result of the contrived voluntary “resignation” of Prime Minister Haile Mariam Dessalegn. The point missed out in this statement was the failure to recognize that what is happening is an internal reshuffling of individuals within the ruling party and this has nothing to do with the concept of “peaceful transition/transfer of power, etc.”!  This indeed would once again delight EPRDF’s communist political craftsmen as a sign of “Western gullibility” for unwittingly believing the unbelievable.


As a matter of fact, in their communistic party discipline, PM Haile Mariam, as a person assigned by the party to the position, can only be instructed to declare “resignation” by the same power that placed him in that position, the EPRDF. The proof to this is that his purported resignation has been put on hold until the party completes its political craft by the Central Committee. What in effect they are trying to achieve is manipulating the political environment to maintain the 27 years old status quo which has been vehemently rejected by the population as a whole. And, this is not the issue of only the Oromia and Amhara regions, as many mistakenly construe.


The declaration of the state of emergency that rescinds the constitutional provisions on individual and group basic rights is a vindication of EPRDF’s ill-intentions of ruling the country by brute force.  We fully appreciate the disapproval of the US government and the statement made by the US Embassy about the declaration of the draconian state of emergency by the EPRDF government.  As correctly pointed out by the ex- Secretary of State Tillerson, more space should have been created for freedom of expression as reinforcement to the release of political prisoners. However, instead of that and engaging the credible opposition in dialog and negotiations of the political landscape for a free, fair and genuine elections, EPRDF has resorted to the use of military force by appointing the “Command Post” as the supreme authority on the land. This is done to subjugate the population that has been demanding a democratically elected government.  It was this basic constitutionally enshrined demand, which has been flagrantly violated by the EPRDF that should have been stressed by the high ranking diplomats, as the way forward for democratization, peace and stability in Ethiopia. Disappointingly, this has not been the tradition of almost all current bilateral and multilateral diplomatic missions to Ethiopia. As a result, Medrek is forced to raise the question, ‘Is this lack of full grasp of the political makings and workings of the EPRDF, or is it a deliberate complicity”, which may explain the unfortunate situation?


Medrek would like to express its desire to engage the diplomatic community on the current situation and the future political prospects in Ethiopia.


Please accept the assurances of our highest regards.




Beyene Petros

Medrek vice Chair & External Relations

E-Mail:Medrek; P.O.Box: 18573 Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Phone:0911 84 40 63/0911 74 24 65; 251 11-1-11 42 69

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